Andre O. Alsop

 Andre - age 6, with a miniature camera

I fell in love with photography in the 70's, while in college, pursuing a career in Advertising and Design.  I was formally introduced to photography at this time.  I remember that I used to use my mom's old Kodak camera, a lot, as a child.  After working in the photo lab in school, experiencing different techniques in 35mm, I was hooked.  I later graduated to digital, when that became popular, and I was able to do my own editing again, like in the dark room.  Well, hooked again, this time on digital photography.  My passion was dealing with nature, and I developed an eye, for photographing it.  The Lord blessed me with a gift that I just had to share.  After retirement from my previous career, I went back to my photography during my retirement.  Now I can share my gift with the world, and place smiles on peoples faces.  My photography "eye" has captured the spirit and souls of so many, and now I am able to display it.

Capturing your most important moments


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